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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
Add 802.11s based wireless mesh network 2021-04-24 Miki New
[RFC] Add package fff-vxlan-node 2020-08-06 Robert Langhammer New
[RFC,v2] vxlan: netifd and vxlan package patches 2020-08-03 Johannes Kimmel New
fff-gateway: remove useless test 2020-04-26 Robert Langhammer New
fff-gateway: some cosmetics 2020-04-26 Robert Langhammer New
[v2,1/1] layer3: Add option to validate dnssec on the router 2020-04-11 Christian Dresel New
[v2] fff-dhcp: Add DNS over TLS option inside the Freifunk backbone 1 2020-04-05 Christian Dresel New
[v2] fff-gateway: add example gateway config 1 2020-01-31 lemmi New
[5/5] VARIANT layer3: generate hoodfile 2020-01-27 Robert Langhammer RFC
[4/5] VARIANT layer3: add package fff-macnock 2020-01-27 Robert Langhammer RFC
[3/5] fff-wireless: add configuration of wXmesh and wXconfigap in layer3 variant 2020-01-27 Robert Langhammer RFC
[2/5] fff-batman-adv: Set servermode and remove client cronjob in layer3 variant. 2020-01-27 Robert Langhammer RFC
[1/5] fff-gateway: add package fff-batman-adv. 2020-01-27 Robert Langhammer RFC
fff-config: set up /etc/config/fff earlier and provide defaults 1 2020-01-09 Adrian Schmutzler New
[2/2] adjust to be used with Freifunk Franken firmware 2019-11-25 Adrian Schmutzler RFC
[1/2] introduce OpenWrt script to check patches 2019-11-25 Adrian Schmutzler RFC